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Die Cutting Equipment
Die Cutting Equipment, Die Cut Press - THERM-O-TYPE NSF Ultra - Introduced in 2016, the NSF Ultra has been optimized to meet evolving customer requirements.  

These include:
• Increase maximum sheet size and impression area to fit current digital sheet sizes.
• Increase impression pressure to handle the larger impression area.
• Increased automation to simplify operator training and workload.
• Provide enhanced ergonomic features to reduce operator workload.
• Provide the ability to foil stamp/emboss/die cut and score pocket/presentation folders.
• Provide the ability to store and retrieve job set up information.  

NSF Ultra applications include greeting cards, business cards, stationery, pocket/presentation folders, packaging, invitations and announcements, commercial letterpress work as well as die cutting and enhancing/finishing digital output.  

NSF Ultra Capabilities:
• Flat foil stamping
• Blind and foil embossing
• Die cutting
• Kiss cutting
• Perforating/Scoring
• Imprinting and numbering
• HSFF (high speed foil fusing)  

The NSF Ultra provides an unmatched level automation built around a Windows 10 computer core interfaced through a 20.5” full color touch screen.  

Paper registration, foil draw length, counter functions, jam detect/interrupt, double feed detect, speed, temperature and impression pressure functions are controlled and/or displayed through the touch screen computer.  

Additional features include:
• Up to 5,000 impressions per hour
• 23.5” by 29” maximum sheet size
• 16.5” by 23.13” impression area
• Double sheet sensor/interrupt
• Paper jam sensor/interrupt
• Skip sheet impression throw-off
• Centralized lubrication
• Dual programmable foil draws
• Four waste foil rewinds
• 7.2” diameter foil roll capacity
• “fail to safe” 24-volt safety circuit
• 32” capacity feeder with pre-loading
• Batch counting

The NSF Ultra is the culmination of over 27 years of collaborative work between major producers of foil stamped, embossed and die cut products and THERM-O-TYPE Corporation.  

Exceptional fast set up, high productivity, accuracy and high quality output make the NSF Ultra die cutting equipment and foil stamping press, one of the most profitable machine purchases you can make for your printing business.

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