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Automatic Foil-Tech
Foil fusing, the process of bonding foil to a toner image printed with a copy machine or laser printer, has been around for many years. Unfortunately, foil-fusing equipment has not been available to make the process practical for even limited quantity production. THERM-O-TYPE Foil-Tech equipment provides a new standard of foil fusing equipment performance . . . More Info 
Manual Foil-Tech Foil Fuser
To operate the Manual Foil-Tech, paper is first loaded into the feeder. Sheets up to 14 1/2" wide by up to two feet long can be run through the machine. A foil roll, up to 4 1/2" in diameter, is mounted in the machine, with foil unwind and rewind tension controlled through adjustable clutches. Once the Foil-Tech has reached the adjustable set point fusing . . . More Info  
FT-15 Foil Fuser  
The foil fusing requirements for the on-demand book industry are unique and required a specialized model. The FT-15 provides the sheet size, paper path, precise speed and temperature control, and impression dwell necessary to foil fuse very high quality short run soft and hard book covers easily and affordably. The new FT-15 is also significantly less expensive than . . .  More Info
FT-10 Foil Fuser   
The FT-10 can also be used with the Freedom Foil Process that allows foil text and graphics to be fused over a toner background. The Freedom Foil Process has proven especially important for customers producing soft and hard book covers, prototype packaging (boxes) and greeting cards.   More Info 
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